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It's Me!
Dr. Peter Gehbauer

by daughter Cherry

at age 8


Hi and welcome!

100 Words: My Philosophy of Educational Leadership

I see myself as an instructional leader and change agent. I acknowledge that the current generation of screenagers is different from previous generations of learners and accept the challenge to collaboratively prepare them for a future that, today, we cannot clearly describe. I believe we should build competencies; yes, our students should learn content skills and knowledge but also positive attitudes and ethical behaviors to be successful in life. A lifelong learner, I see learning as bi-directional, willingly sharing what I learn with others. I hope others emulate this. Used correctly, I believe in the power of technology to magnify intellect.

Today I teach full-time computer studies, business and mathematics at Richview Collegiate Institute in Toronto and part-time at Central Michigan University in their innovative MA (Education) program offered jointly with many of Ontario's community colleges. I am open to projects, whether they be academic assignments or contracts, in the areas of:

curriculum and instructional design;
21st century learning (in face-to-face, distance, blended or flipped classrooms);
online learning (Moodle, Blackboard, WebCT);
educational use of information and communication technologies; and,
computer use in the mathematics classroom.

I completed my PhD in Education specializing in Instructional Design for Online Learning at Capella University (USA). My dissertation:

Dynamically annotated instructional designs: Effects on underprepared mathematics learners

is the result of an investigation into  annotation use in multimedia, online instructional materials. The study was carried out in the context of the mathematics problem — the observation that as many as 30% of first-year college or university learners are at risk of failing due to mathematical underpreparedness.

Research interests include: cognitive load theory; dual-channel (visual / auditory) learning; and online and hybrid learning particularly in the context of mathematics instruction and learning; the potential to use object-oriented analysis, design concepts and unified modeling language (UML) in the context of instructional design.

I am a member of: the Ontario College of Teachers; the Association for Computer Studies Educators; the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education; and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. I am also a participant in the College Mathematics Project which directly targets the mathematics problem.


In 2005, I completed my MA at Central Michigan University. This journey was both interesting and enjoyable the cohort system really helps.  Special thanks to Roy (the program director), the profs who shared their expertise, the guest lecturers (we met many college deans or vice-presidents) and fellow cohort members, especially Mike, Bhandat, Darrin, Rose, "N" (aka. Gord), and all the other cohort members.  And thanks to Professor Sue, whose "heartfelt" apologies on behalf of Americans who twice voted for George dubya were well-received...  Hard work and a sense of humour (Canadian spelling!!) saw us through...

Together with Lyn and the kids, I circled the world — twice — worked in the Middle East and traveled extensively in Asia. Overall, we were overseas for more than seven years, first to the Philippines and from there to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and a few years later to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. While overseas, I enjoyed the opportunity to earn an MBA degree at University of Wollongong (Australia). This was accomplished at the university's campus in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where all learners experienced first-hand many of the international and cultural, work place and management issues that others might only read or theorize about. My study-group included members from each continent. Okay, okay -- there wasn't anyone from Antarctica, but you know what I mean... Special friendships were made with many, particularly: Ghassan, Robert, Jihad, Francis, John, Martin, Norm, and others -- as well as many of my students, whether at the UAE Higher Colleges of Technology, the University of Wollongong in Dubai, or previously at Saudi Telecom in Riyadh. Life's an adventure, so enjoy the journey.

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